Speech Re-enforcement

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Conferences, meetings, public address, lecture theatres, court rooms, council meetings and any area that requires speech re-enforcement.

Speech re-enforcement is similar to, but not quite the same as public address systems. A public address system, usually employs the use of large speakers or horns from a single point at high sound pressure levels. Whereas a speech re-enforcement system normally utilises multiple smaller speakers, to raise the level of audio from the source, enough for it to be clearly and naturally heard.

High quality sound reproduction is paramount in all sound applications and is critical in scenarios where the subject or audio source must be clearly heard. Council meeting chambers, lecture theatres, court rooms, public meeting spaces and conference rooms all benefit from speech reinforcement, ensuring that everyone in attendance is able to hear important information at all times.

Systems of this nature are often complimented by headphones, receiving signals from infra red transmitters, enabling additional audio reception or translation services. You will also find that in public spaces, accessible additions may also be installed, such as an induction loop, used to transmit audio to hearing aids and devices, fitted with a ‘T’ switch, providing direct audio feeds to that piece of equipment.

If you would like to know more about our specialist speech re-enforcement systems, contact us today for a friendly, informal and expert chat.

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