Infrared Audio Systems

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Infrared Audio

Infrared audio systems are the latest advance in audio enhancement. An infrared audio transmitter can be used to relay any audio source, such as that of a presentation, to private headphones. Infrared audio could also be used to relay multiple translations for multi lingual audiences.

The problem with a traditional induction loop

Where enhancements for hearing impared people might be required, it is traditional to use an “induction loop” system. This is effectivly a low power radio transmission which can be recieved by personal hearing aids. Unfortunatly, induction loop systems are extremely delicate and susseptable to interference from many external factors. An induction loop, for example is hugely expensive to install and can-not, in some circumstances be installed into buildings that are subject to a listed status or are of a type of construction that inhibits radio waves and the frequencies used.

Infrared benefits

Using an infrared system negates the need to install vast amounts of costly cable, which would be used to form an induction loop. Infrared audio transmitters are not adversly affected by external factors such as building construction or radio interference.

Each person who wishes to benefit from the enhanced audio is provided with a “personal induction loop” which is a neck worn device that receives its audio signal via infrared and then creates a smaller induction loop, directly to the users hearing device. Because this personal loop is so close to the hearing device, it is not affected by external factors.

Headphones can be worn by users without a hearing imparement, providing crystal clear audio reproduction of the relayed audio, or another audio channel, perhaps in an alternate language.

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Prosound Systems Southampton Hampshire Infrared Sennheiser headphones

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Prosound Systems are the south coast leaders at installing Infrared Audio Systems. Using state of the art equipment we have installed audio enhancements and audio for the hearing impared in locations such as churches, court rooms, point of sale counters, museums and schools.

If you would like to find out more about your responsibility under the disability act, how you can utilise infrared audio transmitters and sonic enhancements, or you are interested in multi-lingual transmissions for church services, conferences, demonstrations or even cinema and theatre, call us today for a free chat with our in-house experts