Home Entertainment, Cinema and Automation

Integrated Home Audio Systems

The modern home is a place of design finesse, with clean lines and sweeping open spaces, so it is highly likely that you don’t want the design you have worked so hard on, ruined by unsightly hi-fi systems and their associated cables.

Prosound Systems specialises in many areas of the home Audio Visual market, designing systems for single rooms, or centrally controlled server systems that run into every room of the home.

Installed discreetly, hidden or ceiling speakers fill each zone with your favourite music, radio or TV station, without cluttersome cables and wiring. Each speaker, carefully selected to blend in to the surroundings while maintaining super high quality audio fidelity.

Whether for  music, surround sound television or simply background enjoyment, our experts will design a system to suit your exact needs and budget, taking care of every aspect and ensuring that the chosen equipment not only performs perfectly, but you never see another unsightly cable again.

Home Cinema

On average, we spend 2 hours a day watching television, be that a show on Satellite, or a movie with the family. Visual entertainment has become a huge part of family life, so why not make the most of your time. We have been installing home entertainment systems for over 30 years, moving with technology all of the time to ensure that our customers experience the very best available.

Our cinema systems can take almost any form you wish, from hidden screens that appear at the touch of a button, to perminantly installed “on display” items. Whatever your need, we are here to help you install your dream. Surround sound audio, cinema quality reproduction that literally moves you. LED projectors or 3D displays, your home cinema system, irrespective of whether you have a dedicated room, will be sure to blow you, your family and guests away.