Commercial Audio

Prosound Systems are the South coast’s experts in professional audio installation. We install sound systems in all kinds of environments, including retail shopping, factories, nightclubs and nuisence management applications.

We do all the hard work, designing the system to your needs. It only takes a few minutes for our expert engineers to assertain exactly what you need, to achieve your audio goals.

We have over 30 years of experience in installing, servicing and operating professional audio systems. This means that you can be assured of first class workmanship and have confidence that your system will perform beyond your expectations.

We are extremely demanding when it comes to choosing our equipment suppliers, as are you. Which is why you will only find us using industry standard equipment, tested to our own high standards and specifications. Nexo, Electrovoice and Bose are just some of the high quality equipment providers we use.

Commercial Retail

Audio systems in retail is an exacting art. The primary consideration in a retail environment is intelegibility. The acoustics in many retail outlets are usually extremely reverbarent, which is not condusive to hearing any background audio clearly. We specialise in installing systems that perform extremely well in all retail locations.

Factory and safety re-enforcement

Background music systems for factory floors and safety announcement systems are key to a happy work-force and ensuring that safety messages are relayed to all personell in areas where high sound pressure levels exist. Our team of expert acoustic designers are able to design a system for your work-space that complies with regulations while sounding great for listening over extended periods.

Pubs, Clubs, Nightclubs

Pub, club and nightclub sound is an area of passion for Prosound Systems. We know that in todays competative market, its your sound system that gives you that edge over your rivals. A great sound, means a great night. Our systems are designed with modern music in mind, capable of re-producing the low, trembling bass while providing crystal clear top notes.

Nuisence Management

Managing nuisence crowds is an area of expertise. We have been sucessful with the installation of hidden speakers (built into the fabric of a building to avoid vandalism) that replay classical music or white noise, proven to be the ultimate deterrant for young people, gathering at pavilions and public buildings when their prescence is either not desired or a nuisense.